Our Video Series

We’ve created two videos, so far, in a series that supports this initiative. These videos aim to cover different aspects: human impact stories (video 1) and commercial promise and vision (video 2).

Video 1 – our first video was a case study on the power of mobile to increase energy access. In Uganda, the innovative partnership between Fenix and MTN Uganda is improving energy access for 700,000. Their mobile-enabled solar PAYG kit, ReadyPay, is bringing cleaner and affordable energy to families and businesses. This video explores the impact this service has had and the true human stories behind it. It has been published on YouTube:

Video 2 (Main) – our second video features our Director General, Mats Granryd and Strive Masiyiwa, Chairman & Founder of Econet. The two figures engage in an aspirational and explanatory conversation in Tanzania about the topic of energy access. The purpose of this second video is to show two highly influential individuals discussing the success and future opportunities for mobile-enabled solutions in Africa, including the commercial promise of the energy sector for mobile operators. Please find below a link to the published version of this:

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