Commercial and Industrial


We provide comprehensive solar solutions to diversify your energy portfolio with no upfront costs to help jump start your energy transformation. Whether you are small, medium or a large scale conglomerate, DPA’s solar energy provides your business with access to a competitive rate for power and an easy way to join the growing movement to make going solar a positive experience. Fully installed systems will be financed by DPA and are available at a set monthly fee. Installation and maintenance will be managed by DPA, ensuring consistent and reliable power supply.

tied grid

Grid –tied solar solutions

Our packaged commercial and industrial offerings have been developed to cover 50% of the consumer’s daily energy needs and will see 3kW, 80kW and 450kW systems as standard offerings.  if your business’energy requirements are different, we are able to quantify your energy requirements and provide you with a customised solution.

For these solutions we install solar (PV) panels on your roof or car-port with an inverter to convert the solar energy from DC to AC current.  This is then used to power your facility during the day when sunlight is available.

Grid –tied solar solutions with storage

These solutions are the same as the grid – tied solar solutions above with the addition of batteries to enable energy storage during sunlight hours.  This energy can be utilized when the sunlight is not available.


Blended systems – solar, storage and generators

Our blended solutions allow us to integrate solar and batteries with your existing generator(s) to offer you a solution that seamlessly switches between the power sources to ensure 100% power availability.

Managed services

In addition to your solar solutions, we are able to offer an all-inclusive energy management service to our Zimbabwean clients that includes:

  • Maintenance and management of your solar equipment
  • Fuel delivery services for generators
  • Scheduled maintenance of generators
  • Management of commercial power bill payment (postpaid/ prepaid)
  • Remote monitoring and reactive maintenance of customer power equipment e.g.diesel generators

These services will soon be rolled-out to other African countries


Give your business or organization a transformational jump start with solar energy. Invite us for an inspection and we will gladly come to assist. We help businesses, governments, schools and other agencies install large scale solar power systems to help them meet their sustainability and financial goals.

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