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Grid –tied solar solutions with storage

Our residential solutions are currently being prototyped and will be available shortly. They are suitable for large houses or housing developments.

To produce 30% of daily energy needs a 3kW and a 6kW system will be offered as a standard package along with battery storage, to counter the energy usage and production mismatch for residential users.  We are also able to quantify your energy requirements and provide you with a customised solution if your home’s energy requirements are significantly different.

Grid –tied solar solutions (without storage)

Grid tied solutions without storage are available for residential users to reduce reliance on the grid or generators during the day and to increase your renewable energy consumption.  If this solution is chosen, you would need to switch to the grid or generator to support your solar solution during the mornings and evenings.


Blended systems – solar, storage and generators

Our blended solutions allow us to integrate solar and batteries with your existing generator(s) to offer you a solution that seamlessly switches between the power sources to ensure 100% power availability.

Your energy bills will never be the same again. Savings will be the order of your day and this is just the beginning. Our products have the longest life span on the continent and we are at your service with our support team to assist with any challenges that may be affecting your flow of power.

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