What Every African Industry Leader Needs To Know About Solar Power In 2018

For those who want to switch but need more information

Industry leaders in Africa, this is for you. With our e-book, “What Every African Industry Leader Needs to Know about Solar Power in 2018,” you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision about your switch to reliable, renewable energy.

In This E-Book, You Will Find Out…

  • how much the prices have dropped and how the technology evolved,
  • why a switch to solar power will make the future less uncertain,
  • how solar power will benefit your employees and the community at large,

…and more.

About Distributed Power Africa

We make the sun work for you. Imagine your rooftop becoming a powerhouse, enabling you to begin saving so that you can invest more in your dreams. Imagine all that space in your car park, protecting your cars as well as generating your own power. It’s time to embrace your own power source, and step into a world of harvesting the best Mother Nature has to offer: The Sun.

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